I’m resilient in the face of pain

Casey Stanley
2 min readJul 26, 2021

I face an indescribable amount of pain every day

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I wake up every day in an indescribable amount of pain. No matter what, this is what I face as soon as I come to consciousness. Depending on the day, depends on how much pain I wake up in. Somedays I wake up in agony, screaming in pain. Somedays I wake up and I can get up, have a shower and make a day of it!

No matter what kind of day I wake up in, I get through the day. I am so proud of myself for waking up and facing such a terrible condition like Fibromyalgia. I can combat multiple symptoms every day such as chronic pain, migraines, allodynia and more!

I am so proud of myself for waking up and facing such a terrible condition like Fibromyalgia.

Some days I can write Medium posts, some days I spread awareness on my market stall, some days I simply take a rest day. I watch documentaries and learn BSL (British Sign Language).

As hard as Fibromyalgia is to deal with on a daily basis. I am proud that I manage it every day because it makes me the person I am. It has made me grow over the years. It has given me such a different and unique perspective in life that I cherish.

It makes me a resilient person. It reminds me every day that I can keep going, that I can face the next challenge. It reminds me to keep going in life. It reminds me to pick myself back up and try again, no matter how much I feel like giving up.

What do you face every day that you’re proud of? Tell me in the comments below!

Written in response to the Write Here’s writing prompt: What do you admire about yourself?

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Casey Stanley

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