I love the 3%

Casey Stanley
2 min readFeb 25, 2022

I can’t get enough of it!

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I have currently been obsessed with the Netflix series, 3%. It’s a post-apocalyptic series set in Brazil. It is originally made in Portuguese, but if you don’t speak the language, you can get it dubbed in Spanish or English. You can also get subtitles with original audio, in English, Hindi and Polish.

The world is divided into the privileged (offshore) and the impoverished (inland). A select few (the 3%) are allowed to join the offshore once they turn 20. To become part of the 3%, you have to go through a painfully competitive and intense system called The Process. Everyone has a chance to make it to the offshore, but the heartbreak of not making it is especially brutal.

The storyline behind how and why The Process exists is just amazing! There are many people who believe in The Process. That those who make it through are worthy. There are many who believe it’s unjust and everyone should be allowed to live on the offshore in peace.

I must admit that the first season is a little confusing and is hard to get into, but season 2, ohhhhhh it’s so good! You get a real deep dive into the backstory, who people are, why they’re there and how this world came to be. I am currently on season 3 episode 5 (so please don’t give any spoilers away if you’ve watched it all) and it just keeps getting better. It’s so interesting to see the dynamics and progression of the show. I’ve been hooked!

I would honestly recommend this show to anyone that likes a post-apocalyptic series. It’s such a great take on what could happen. Have you been watching anything you love lately? Have you watched the 3%?

Written in response to the Write Here’s writing prompt: What do you recommend?

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