How Much I Made In April 2023

Casey Stanley
4 min readJun 20
A couple of US dollar bills are rolled up on a marble counter. The bills are surrounded by coins.
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My plan for 2023 was to be transparent regarding my Medium earnings. I want to encourage new writers. If they can see the progress in my writing journey, they can apply it to their own. I also want to see my own progression throughout the year. I want to see what’s changed and how I got where I want to be. I want to see the ups and downs, to find a balance in writing where I can achieve my goals.

There is a Medium Earnings list dedicated to my Medium income articles. This way, all my articles are in one easy and convenient place. I encourage you to read previous months and years to get an idea of where I’ve come from.

Medium Earnings

A couple of US dollar bills are rolled up on a marble counter. The bills are surrounded by coins.
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April 2023

I have been struggling a lot with my mental health this year, and it’s definitely had a significant impact on my interaction on Medium. I’m learning so much about myself, and it can get extremely overwhelming. I’m trying to heal from my childhood and learn how to be compassionate with myself in the process.


In April I managed to publish 11 posts. This is more than I managed to publish in March, which is great! Of the 11 articles, 2 were published in my own publication, A Unique Life. Another 2 articles were published in the publication, Weekly Goals and Wins.

I have been actively submitting myself as a writer for publications. I am extremely proud of myself for this as taking that first step has always been scary for me. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone, so I can achieve the things that I want to achieve and I’m starting to do that for myself now.

I have been wanting to engage more with the community here on Medium. Taking the time to comment on articles has been extremely difficult for me. The anxiety surrounding interacting with people has been hard to overcome, but I know it’s an important thing to do. I responded 55 times in April, which has been the lowest output so far.


Casey Stanley

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