Animal All-Star This Or That

Casey Stanley
4 min readJun 27

It’s otter this world!

An otter swimming on their back.
Photo by Karl Anderson on Unsplash

The amazing Kerry Purvis has tagged me in Ruby Noir’s challenge. I love animals and wanted to have a little fun!

This Or That

1. Adopt or Shop?

My dog isn’t adopted, but he was the offspring of family pets. I would love to adopt a dog one day and I would definitely encourage people to at least look into it. There are a lot of animals that need the love and care that you can provide them.

2. Dogs or Cats?

I am slightly allergic to cats so I will have to say dogs.

3. Warm Blooded or Cold Blooded?

I’ve got to admit I really like both. Can I have both? It would be amazing to be able to contribute to the world by having bees.

4. Zoo or Aquarium?

There are a lot of issues with both when it comes to animal welfare so can I say rescues? I really love the work that they do at Monkey World in Dorset.

5. Penguins or Puffins?

Penguins, you’ve just gotta love the waddle.

6. Lion or Hyena?

Lions, they’re just so majestic.

7. Zebras: White With Black Stripes or Black With White Stripes?

As the zebra’s skin is black under its fur, I’m going with black with white stripes.

8. Shark Week or Sharknado?

Shark Week, as it’s more educational.

9. Pets On Furniture or Pets On Floor?

I let my dog up on the furniture, so I’m going to have to go with that. I have, however, trained my dog to ask to come up though as I don’t want him jumping up when I have a hot beverage in my hand, as that could easily turn into a disaster.

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